General Information on RESYSproDESAL_WEB

RESYSproDESAL_WEB is the internet access to RESYSproDESAL, a computational systems analysis environment for the prediction of the technical and economic performance of integrated water and power supply systems.

The main objective of RESYSproDESAL_WEB is a support to water and power engineers and project developers during selection of technologies and study of feasibility. Application of RESYSproDESAL_WEB is aiming but not limited to the Middle East and Northern Africa regions. Climatic characteristics for selected sites in these regions are included within data sets.

RESYSproDESAL is based on the established process simulation environment IPSEpro developed by SimTech Simulation Technology for thermal power plants and other energy conversion processes. Special emphasis is given in RESYSproDESAL to the integration of energy supply from renewable sources. Hybrid power generation from renewable and fossil sources is considered for reasons related to operational flexibility, affordability and competitiveness.

RESYSproDESAL_WEB comprises a selection of reference configurations for integrated water and power points. The names of these are use for abbreviated information on technical design and capacity. E.g. 

   SWRO_PV_DG_ACCU         indicates a plant for sea water RO powered from PV power and Diesel generator with battery storage

    BW2RO_175_PV_DG_LG    indicates a plant for 175 m³/d brackish water RO in 2 stages powered from PV and Diesel generator with
                                          connection to local grid.

Within certain limits the capacities of components and entire plant may be adjusted to conditions given by the case of application. For several components (e.g. membranes for reverse osmosis, wind energy converters) specific performance characteristics based on manufacturer's data may be chosen by the user.

RESYSproDESAL_WEB is equipped with a cost evaluation facility for the prediction of investment, replacement and operation & maintenance costs. The final results are levelised costs for energy and water for the life cycle of the plant. Component cost data are functions of capacity and based on market information and will regularly be updated by the editors.

For the simulation of annual performance of the process six operation modes are calculated: summer day, summer night, winter day, winter night, day in spring and autumn, night in spring and autumn. For annual balancing the results from the operation modes are weighted with their duration per year. The climatic data characterising the seasonal operation modes are obtained by regression from hourly site date collected from local sources and satellite measurements. 

RESYSproDESAL_WEB is not intended to serve as the tool for the detailed engineering and specification of the real project to be implemented. But it can help the project developer to identify technically feasible solutions which promise to become affordable and competitive in the specific case. Thus there is a potential for saving effort of experts and cost for external consulting.

Any user requiring and wishing to go into the details of a comprehensive project engineering and analysis is invited to contact the editors for negotiating access to the full capacity and flexibility of the systems analysis environment RESYSproDESAL.