Renewable Energy SYStems for DESALination


Welcome to RESYS proDESAL_WEB! RESYSproDESAL_WEB is the web based version OF RESYSproDESAL, a software tool for the prediction of the technical and economic performance of integrated water and power supply systems.

In RESYSproDESAL special emphasis is given to the integration of energy supply from renewable sources. Hybrid power generation from renewable and fossil sources is considered for reasons related to operational flexibility, affordability and competitiveness.

RESYSpro DESAL_WEB addresses engineers and project planners from water authorities and water related industries in the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) regions who are concerned with the selection of technologies and analysing the feasibility of small and medium size projects.

One of the principal aims of RESYSproDESAL_WEB is to track down opportunities for competitive application of renewable energy to desalination and de-central power supply.

RESYSpro DESAL_WEB has been created and is maintained by

Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW)
(Stuttgart - Germany)

SimTech Simulation Technology
(Graz - Austria) 

National Energy Research Center (NERC)
(Amman - Jordan)

with support from 

Middle East Desalination Research Center (MEDRC)

Commission of the European Community (CEC FP6-INCO-MPC) 


RESYSproDESAL is based on the established process simulation environment IPSEpro developed by SimTech Simulation Technology for thermal power plants and other energy conversion processes.

Feedback welcome by the editors !

Please keep in mind that RESYSproDESAL_WEB is still in an early phase of development and that you therefore may find mistakes or suffer from failures of calculation. In such cases we shall be very grateful for a message about your observation to one of us (see page contacts). We try to consider all such hints for our regular updating and extension of the facility.